Maple Seed Hat

Maple Seed Hat

The spiraling columns on this hat remind me of the spinning trajectory of a falling maple seed, and if you look closely at the columns, the shape of the maple seed’s wing will emerge.

And no, maple seeds aren't usually red, but rather a pale green, or a light brown after they've lain around in the street for awhile. But maple leaves are often red, especially in the fall, and I love the fall and especially maple trees in the fall. And there are already several patterns called "Falling Leaves," which is what I originally thought I might call this hat, and then Acer, the genus name of the maple, is a cool name, but I was afraid people would think I named this hat after Ace Young, that American Idol contestant with the penchant for wearing knit hats (and the wide-eyed puppy gaze that got downright creepy after awhile).

Maple Seed Hat

Can you tell I've been up at 4:30 a.m. for four mornings in a row now? That jet lag can be insidious.

Anyway, Maple Seed used one ball* of Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran, a wool/silk/cashmere blend (and a lovely, lovely yarn) in "Merlot". You could try substituting Lamb's Pride Worsted or Classic Elite Bazic (both wool), or even Jo Sharp Desert Garden Aran Cotton (which I used for Beaufort), Blue Sky Cotton, or Classic Elite Four Seasons Cotton. If you want to see the two hats side by side, click here; although they are obviously related, changing that SSK to a k2tog causes the crisp spirals of Maple Seed to morph into the softer swirls of Beaufort.

Oh yes, and thanks to the TS (Twentysomething Stepdaughter--Happy Birthday!) for modeling.

*Edited to add: I knit the medium size, which used almost all of one ball; the large size requires 2 balls.

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