1) Under "Upper Front," delete "(Front is 6[6, 8, 8, 10, 10] rows shorter than Back to shoulder)"; second sentence should read only: "Work in patt until chart Row 76[82, 88, 76, 84, 68] is complete."    2) Change heading "Shape Right Shoulder" to "Shape Right Front Neck and Shoulder."   3) Change heading "Shape Left Shoulder" to "Shape Left Front Neck and Shoulder."     4) Under "Join Shoulders" 2nd sentence should read, "With right sides facing each other and wrong sides facing out...."     5) On Body Chart Left, 29th st from left-hand side of chart in rows 97, 98 & 99 should be p on RS/k on WS; on Body Chart Right, 29th st from right-hand side of chart in rows 97, 98 & 99 should be p on RS/k on WS. (Chart errors have been corrected on pdf version of charts.)     6) Sleeve charts and written instructions give conflicting directions: the written instructions say that the first row is a WS row (which it is) while the chart shows the first sleeve row as a RS row. In addition, if following the Sleeve charts, you would begin sleeve decreases before all of the underarm stitches are picked up. To remedy this:
  1. Use the row just BELOW the colored line for your size as the first sleeve row. This is a WS or even-numbered row. 
  2. For sizes 2  and 4, proceed with sleeve shaping decreases as shown on charts. For sizes 6-8 and up, begin sleeve decreases 2 chart rows AFTER first decrease shown on Sleeve charts; this will allow enough rows to finish picking up underarm stitches before starting sleeve shaping. Proceed with decreases as shown on charts. Don't worry, you have plenty of room to complete sleeve shaping decreases: for all sizes you will need to work at least 8 rows even after completing charted sleeve rows, to reach standard sleeve lengths.

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