Which is better, One or Two?

In the last month I've taken myself and both of my sons for eye exams, which is perhaps why I have that phrase, "Which is better, one... or two?" stuck in my head.  I can picture myself sitting there, that funky optometrist apparatus in front of my face like some futuristic Carnivale mask-slash-headdress, and hear the clicking of the lenses as they are shifted back and forth with each repetition of those words.

But that is neither here nor there.  In this case, I'm wondering which of these swatches you like better:  One...

or Two?  The first would normally be called the "right" side, with the clearly delineated cables, but when I swatched for this capelet, I discovered that because of the way I set up the cables, and the way they move diagonally, narrow tendrils of knit stitches traverse the "wrong" side surface.  I liked this side enough that I decided to make this capelet reversible, paying attention to the transitions to ribbing at top and bottom of both right and wrong sides, and carefully weaving in my loose ends (of which there weren't many, thanks to those nice big 4 oz. skeins of Dream in Color Classy*).

And I decided to name this capelet Cambia (Italian for "it changes"), because it can be worn with either side out; over one shoulder only; or even as a skirt!  More pics coming soon to demonstrate.

*By the way, the yarn colors (colorway "Deep Seaflower")-- many subtle shadings of turquoise, blue, violet, and pewter-- are reproduced quite accurately in these photos; pretty, aren't they?

7 Comments on this post:

I love the wrong side just because it's so different and interesting.
me too, the "wrong" side is it, definitly :-) good decision so far Best Claudia
Two! But knowing those perfect cables are on the other side makes me a little uncomfortable. Weird, huh?
Can you design the caplet so it is reversible? Then you have even more 'changes'. Keep smiling :-)
I love both sides, but I think I might love the wrong side a little bit more :)
I like the "wrong" side. And if loving it is wrong, I don't want to be right! (no, I couldn't resist). How fun to wear that side showing, and the beautiful cables peeking out from the inside!
I like both as well. I agree that I would hate to cover up the cables by wearing it "wrong" side out, but side 2 is intriguing. :o)

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