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Traveling_leaf_swatch_webHere is the swatch for the Traveling Leaf pattern from my last post.  Do you recognize it?   It looks somewhat different than the book version, I think because the needles are smaller in relation to the yarn gauge.  Still pretty...but I'm not going to use it for this project. 

Ecco, "Traveling Leaf"; lo conosci?  E diverso che il foto nel libro, ma ancora bello.  (Come si dice "swatch" in Italiano?)  Ma non lo usaro` per questo progetto.Four_sisters_swatch_web I love this stitch pattern!  Love it.  Although I didn't love the asymmetry of the central double decreases, and started experimenting midway; I think the decrease direction either needs to be alternated, or  changed to a vertical double decrease, where the center stitch is on top. I'm not going to use it for this project, but I already have other plans for another sweater using it, along with the perfect name:  "Sorelle," the Italian word for "sisters," since the pattern stitch is "Four Sisters."

Amo questo disegno!  Ma non amo la mancanza della simmetria nelle diminuzione; io faro` un po` diverso.  Usaro` questo per un' altro progetto; chiamaro` "Sorelle," perche il disegno e chiamato "le quattro sorelle."  Perfetto, non e' vero?



As for the Fan Shell pattern, I decided it had a little too much  openwork for my purposes.  Here is the stitch pattern I chose; next time, the swatch and perhaps, a little progress!

Ho deciso che "Fan Shell"...non so, come si dice "openwork" in Italiano.  Ecco, il disegno ho scelto; la prossima volta, magari un po` di progresso!

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hi is the Four Sisters from Barbara Walker? i love it (i am one of five sisters!)
In Italian swatch is "campione" o "imparaticcio". My granny (a true knitting goddess in her youth) called "campione" the swatches used for measuring gauge only and "imparaticcio" hose she did to test new stitches. So the above three are "imparaticci". Gauge is usually called "tensione".Openwork in Italian is ezpressed with the French word "ajour". Genrally speaking, all thypes of lace stitches and patterns are often just called "ajour".

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